Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LADA GAGA is the guest Judge TONIGHT! -July27.

** LIVE on So You Think You Can Dance 8PM -10PM EST on FOX
VOTE tonight WEDNESDAY (10-12pm est) for Trinidadian SASHA MALLORY on So You think You Can Dance. Last week the judges were unanimous with their accolades and Neil Patrick Harris said "that was the best dance of the night" for a Hip-Hop performance Sasha did with all-star Twitch. The results show is at 9pm every Thursday. 

Sasha has been brilliant from the auditions onwards and seemingly can do no wrong. She is an accomplished and technically proficient dancer, but more than that she works hard constantly and like most Trinis is always smiling! She is currently one of the top four female dancers remaining (THOUSANDS auditioned to be on the show) and a favourite to win it all.  even if you're not a fan of dance, you'll enjoy seeing her dance. So just vote for Sasha to support a fellow Trini if nothing else. Personally, I love the show! I've seen almost every episode of all 9 seasons to date.    

Vote for Sasha 10PM EST to midnight ONLY 2 Hours, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT! 
by calling 1-888-836-7601, (BE WARNED: this number may change weekly) 
text the #1 to 83676  (BE WARNED: this number may change weekly) 
online at