Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why is helping ourselves so much harder than helping others?

Women are exceptionally good at giving, but too often the last person to receive their goodwill is themselves. However, this phenomena of giving more to others than oneself is not exclusive to women, we all do, regardless of how you identify. Too often we also reject that which is good for us and our families because of preconceived notions or just because we don't want to be bothered.
Take for instance exercise, we know its good for us but we mostly ignore opportunities to do it because we would rather do something else, or we just don't want to be bothered. However, in other instances people just don't have the information, so when presented with the relevant information they reject it. why!? Mostly because they don't want to be bothered to learn something new, even if it is helpful to them and their family, they simply will not give it a go.
I'm no psychologist, but empirical evidence has proven this to me. I recently took on the challenge of introducing a new line of green energy products to the east coast market. these products are essentially EMF eliminators. they reduce harmful electromagnetic force within your household and reduces dirty electricity too. More than that, by doing so they also reduce your electric bill, in New York City, by an average of 39%, that's a significant savings. another benefit is that you get the 30% federal tax credit for going green by installing these EMF eliminators. all great benefits: protecting your family and saving money and contributing to the green economy and helping the planet by reducing your own carbon footprint. Reading this many of you might think its too good to be true, but I can actually prove it using a standardized test, right within your own home. The test shows you how it works and how much you will save.
This Power Perfect Box (PPB) is an EMF eliminator that reduces your electric bill by as much as 39% when installed into your Panel box. It also protects your family from harmful EMF radiation.

But here is the rub, 74% of homeowners are rejecting the premise altogether, while only 1.5% take real action. My team and I have learned this from being on the road day after day pitching our line of products directly to homeowners. So why are so many people rejecting something that is so beneficial to them and their family? the experts point to fear of change, coercion sensitivity, over-exposure, previous disappointments, under-valuing the rewards, disbelieving your own eyes, even fear of success! We have seen all of these play out in the field. Yet if I ask these very same people to donate to a charity, they will gladly hand over their credit card. whilst these products are not free, many people would give it a go if it was free, so paying for these benefits is also a big reason why people are not helping themselves in this case.
this video (, also below) will get your blood boiling, since its the first time you're hearing about this 100 year old problem. contact me directly for the solutions.

Hopefully, now that you are aware of the problem, you'll be motivated to pay for the benefits, but really you'll be saving FOREVER, so the value far outweighs the cost. please help me to help you!.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Back in December I posited that Porsche, the luxury brand was helping Tesla Motors by joining the race for the luxury electric sports car niche. Porsche back then said it was out to challenge Tesla, however Tesla is so far ahead of all the car manufacturers that they will continue to see cost and market advantages the others couldn't even buy. one such advantage is the Gigafactory, the largest building in the world which will make all the batteries Tesla would need for the foreseeable future.

Today Tesla (trading as TSLA) just became the most valuable car company in america. but to say that Tesla is a car company is to say that you don't understand what Tesla is or what Tesla has done. first of all Tesla is a technology company and treated as such by most of the pundits on wall street, and while is still has a long way to go, in terms of market cap, to catch the big tech companies like Apple and Alphabet (Google's parent company), Tesla is also known as a really good company and that plays very well in the consumer market.

Another seemingly unspoken, by analysts at least, advantage of Tesla is that they have adopted the Triple bottom line (or TBL or 3BL) approach to governing, i.e PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROFITS, and CEO, Elon Musk talks about that all the time, he also encourages other businesses to adopt this approach to governing. this has built more goodwill for Tesla than it has for any other company in America. Saving the planet from global warming affects has been one of his stated objectives of life. and he is living the dream, when he started Tesla he said he wanted to transform america and see only clean all electric vehicles on the road, well millions believe him and they are buying Tesla cars, in such hugely unexpected amounts that all the other car makers are now playing catch-up to try and capitalize on the market popularity of all electric cars that Tesla created. 

Nowadays, Elon Musk is talking about building another Gigafactory, somewhere else in the world, so that they can also build all electric cars for the rest of the planet, as well as supply some of his competitors. Let me also reiterate, Tesla also has considerable technology advantages over the likes of Porsche and General Motors, having decided to do it the right way from the get go, like deciding to make the cars beautiful looking, unlike previous attempts by General Motors and others, this technology advantage positions Tesla to respond more quickly to market demands and Technology changes and advances moving forward. They lead in all electric car technology, in self-driving technology, in battery technology and in national deployment of charging stations, installing them nationwide in a smart grid and they even allow other manufacturers to use their charging station, this, in a deliberate attempt to speed up the adoption of all electric cars nationwide, a policy which relates directly to the PLANET in Elon Musk's triple bottom line approach. Sharing technology is one way to put the planet first, and Tesla understands that too well. Does the other manufacturers? they haven't shown it through policies like this. So again, it puts them at a disadvantage. 

Tesla cars also offer the option of Self-driving technology, which in itself has many advantages, like having the car meet you on your doorstep in cold weather, whether it is parked in your garage or the street, you can program the car to meet you, since both the car and the keys are WiFi capable and the on-board technology is easily programmable. Now, how cool is that, the future is here. And this is not a sci-Fi movie or TV show, this is the reality that Tesla has created. whilst I'm not an official evangelist for Tesla, I encourage you to buy an all electric vehicle, if for no other reason than to save the planet. 


Saturday, June 4, 2016

On Legacy and great exemplary #courage: Muhammed Ali #muhammedAli

The greatest #MuhammadAli has left us a #Legacy of REAL COURAGE, showing #courage when it mattered most and for the benefit of all. To Echo the Obama's "He showed courage when others wouldn't, he stood up for his beliefs"

We are all better off for his being here and for him being himself. He is indeed the greatest example of a #Hero for our children to emulate, regardless of where in the world you are from.

Mr. Ali IS a hero of mine and lived a life I aspire to, in courage, conviction and leadership. Regardless of the consequences, he stood up and spoke out, even to his own detriment, if that is not courage, I don't know what is. During his opposition to the vietnam war, he expected to be executed for his stance, yet he did it, remember, in the 1960s assisination was commonplace, JFK and Martin Luther KIng Jr both fell to assassins plus the US armed forces could have court marshalled him and sentenced him to a firing squad, yet, just like my other hero, Nelson Mandela, He did it anyway. he stood up and spoke out. and famously said "what did those vietcong ever did to me? NO vietcong ever called me #nigga, why should I go over there to fight them." around the same time George W. #Bush was draft dodging, also not wanting to go to vietnam, but for very different reasons, not courageous at all in my opionion.

Would you be willing to put your life on the line for your beliefs? think about that a moment, and now you really begin to see the measure of Muhammed Ali. We all hear horror stories of the way black people was treated in this country, for hundreds of years, right into the 1960s, this aplifies the nature of his stance.

But to be clear, he was #courageous his entire life, it takes courage to aska police officer to train you, at 10 years old anyway, he was courageous when he represented the #USA and won #Gold at the #Olympics, he was courageous and some say outrageous when he decided the fight the toughest heavy weights in the world, from #Frazier to #Forman. He was courageous everytime he lost and came back to win. He spoke like a hero and he fought like alike Hero his whole life, in every arena.

We now must create comics books and videos, and more movies and classroom lessons for our kids about this, the greatest hero of all, a most exemplary of men, Mohammed Ali. #Profet Mohammad himself, on whom be peace, is looking down and and marveling at the chance to finally meet his namesake. A hero for all a Hero for all time.

Monday, May 2, 2016


This week there's been a lot of talk about what it means when someone says "i'm a little gay", so here's what it means.

The discussion was prompted by remarks of one James Franco, rennaissance man, actor, artist and so much more. when he said in an interview with New York Magazine, "I'm a little gay", most of the folks who commented on this seem to be at a loss to it's meaning, including one gay organization in Brooklyn. Any gay boy who faced a deep sense of teenage angst about their sexuality can tell you what it means, all then have asked this question, "am I gay or just a little gay", and through their own rumination have gained a definition for it that satisfies their own need at point or another.

For the purposes of generality the definition of "I'm a little gay" is as follows: representing a feeling that oneself, though never having a gay experience, has thought about it, and believes that it is in fact ok to be gay and feels comfortable in gay situations. And further, such feelings include supporting gay rights in every sense that it can be supported. As well as, having a real affinity for the gay lifestyle.

To be clear this is not a discussion about James #Franco or the debate thats currently lighting up #Socialmedia, this is just a post about the definition of what it means when someone, anyone, says "I'm a little gay", Its not a #gender category, its a feeling, a sense of self, a mere part of one's identity. not the defintion of one's identity. Its surely another phrase that will light up the politicians and some will certianly attack the phrase when ever an aid suggests it will gain traction in #cyberspace.

For those of you, young or old, who is grappling with gender and identity issues, let this be just another guide to your thinking. use it or lose it, ITS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE! for the rest of you, learn it and understand it, if you don't get it, ask me questions. Disclaimer: This is Not pscycosocial advice. it is not meant to be provide health care of any kind, but rather, to lead your thinking in this one issue regarding a very complex discussion about identities.

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Friday, December 4, 2015


With Today's announcement by Porsche that they will in fact put into production their #Electric Concept car "Mission E" and with it be in direct competition with #Tesla Motors for the High-end electric car market has also signaled the #arms #race for HIGH-END #ELECTRIC #CARS, soon you will see most big automakers, GM, Toyota, Ford & Mitsubishi dusting off thier own Electric concepts and trying to decide which will eventually compete with Tesla & Porsche. However, I would recommend that they look closer at the Mid-size and Low-end markets where there will always be opportunities for all Electric cars. The success of the Toyota Prius and their line of Hybrids is certainly a clear indication that the Market is ready for mid-size and low-end Electric cars. The folks at #Porsche will undoubtedly try to beat Elon Musk but this will in fact have the opposite effect, this will in fact amplify the value and #genius of Tesla Motors! and help to drive sales of the TEsla eslectric cars. even Porsche owners will test drive the Teslas in order to determine if they like electrics, and when they decide that they do, they won't want to wait 7-8 years for the Porsche Mission E, so they will start with the a TESLA Model S. TESLA IS far ahead of Porsche and all others, in terms of Marketing, market adoption and they also have a mountain of data and metrics to support their movements forward, whihc no doubt, will position Tesla in an alwasy advantageous Position over all rivals. Soon too, based on the thinking and Ambition of Elon Musk and his team at Tesla, we can expect to see a entry into the mid-size car market. Porsche's announcement, and subsequent announcements, will help to build #GOODWILL for the Tesla brand! Mark my words folks, you heard it here first.

In terms of design, Porsche has already bowed to Tesla in terms of Interior design and functionality, the Mission E's instrument panel engenders backward thinking, it looks like the 1976 Ford Grand Torino, compared to the Futuristic look of the Tesla Model S. when most people think of an electric car, they think of future and future technology. The Tesla Model S has central control panel that's all digital about the size of 2 Mac Powerbooks and with technology to match. the Porsche on the other hand has a digital display thats smaller than most Tablets. the interior look is classic, but dated. whereas the Tesla Model S is certainly futuristic and very functional. the Model S is also built for families as well as racing enthusiasts, but it seems the Porsche is only focused on the super car racing enthusiasts to their detriment. Many questions till remain, will i t include auto-pilot fro instance. the Tesla Model S P85D boasts the best auto pilot in the world, using 4 independent systems (radar, cameras, Ultrasonic & GPS/Traffic data) that means the Tesla also steers itself and parks itself both on roads and your garage. You can even summon the Tesla to meet at your front door if it's parked elsewhere! Everything about the Tesla shows that Elon Must and his team are thinking of people first, and more importantly, providing solutions that people need or want most. and that's why Tesla will continue to be ahead of everyone else and why they will benefit from this and other announcements in the High-end Car market. Tesla has even Guaranteed the value of their cars to stay high, and have offered a truly revolutionary financing option, that allows you to own one for NO DOWN-PAYMENT and only about $500.00 per month.

Now I can't wait for the Arms Race of the low-end and mid-class variety. it's coming too! the #ElectricCar #wins, the #planetwins, #globalwarming wins.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Even Free this T-Mobile Offer is VERY VERY BAD FOR YOU

To begin with it DOES NOT include YouTube! probably the streaming service everyone uses most of all. So granting free access to some streaming services and not others, even if free, is just another way for them to get to cap data access, ANY CAP ON DATA ACCESS IS BAD FOR NET NEUTRALITY, THAT IS, THE IDEA THAT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET SHOULD HAVE EQUAL ACCESS TO YOU, THE CONSUMER. T-Mobile has listed about 24 streaming sites including Netflix and Hulu that is included in the offer, but why not YouTube and more importantly educational sites like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is working to put all their art online and offering video tours online. But you and your kids cannot stream that content for free with T-Mobile.

Whats worse, is that in a few months, they'll roll-out a monthly subscription for this service, or you will be bombarded with advertising if you continue with the free service, just as Hulu did when they added the subscription service ads went to an average of 180 second every ten minutes from a low of 60 seconds every 15-20 minutes. I experienced that myself. see this screenshot below.

in this screenshot, you can see the white dots on the episode slider below each one represents an average of 180 seconds of ads every 10 minutes or so, up from 60 seconds every 15-20 minutes before Hulu introduced its subscription service. You can expect a similar result from T-Mobile. 

When T-Mobile rolls out it's subscription service, they will require you to PAY EXTRA, for the other streaming sites not on their list of 24. like YouTube, and thats whats dangerous for you, this service should be free for ALL streaming, not just the 24, that why it's bad for net neutrality and you. I for one will be saying NO to this new offer. 

T.C. Sottek, writing for the Verge, says "except it’s more difficult to stop because, as the FCC might say, there’s "no obvious consumer harm" in giving people free stuff. Of course, "free" isn’t really free, is it? This scheme is called "zero rating," and people like Susan Crawford have been warning us for a while about the risk it poses for the open internet. The only reason Binge On and Music Freedom sound like such a great pro-consumer deal is because the top four mobile ISPs — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile — have manufactured a market based completely on artificial scarcity." click verge above to read the complete article by T.C.Sottek. 

Every advocate for Net Neutrality will tell you the same thing, this is bad for you and for net neutrality. There is enough bandwidth to give everyone free unlimited streaming service, but these Carriers don't just want to charge, they intend to over-charge you and over-price these services for the express purpose of removing money from the bottom and moving up to the top 1%. So say no to this offer and yes to Net neutrality. Yes, that's my opinion and I'm encouraging you to say no too.  very soon your carrier will do the same thing offering a fake free streaming service, say no. Free is not always good and in with this T-mobile offer it is not good for you or for the internet. Free now means you will PAY MORE later. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015


That's Right #India, your #CaribbeanCousins in #Trindad and #Tobago (T&T) have doubled down on Diwali. while in India you celebrate for 5 days, in Trinidad we do 10 days, In 2015 it began with the opening of the of the Diwali Nagar (Diwali village) on November 1st. Today November 7th, 2015 #Diwali is the #1 trending topic on #Facebook. To say that Diwali is big in T&T, is like saying that we need air to breath. Regardless of Race or religion, it's a national event that's become highly commercialized and ritualized. while the Hindu folks still fast and pray and do their Pujas, the entire nation revels in the 10-day "Diwali Season", with both businesses and politicians going nuts to be seen as a supporter of Diwali.

The Diwali Nagar is also the first Diwali Theme park created in the world and is now being "imported" by at least one Indian municipality we know of, Trade missions from India is always brought to the Diwali Nagar, where the T&T Government shows off our massive theme park, which lies dormant during the rest of the year, save for the occasional concert and the annual "Hanuman ChanTTing". Diwali is loved so much by the Indo-Caribbean peoples' of Trinidad and Tobago, they bring it with them whenever they migrate, here in New York City this is evident by the annual Diwali Motorcade in South Richmond Hill, Queens.

In T&T, the 10 days is replete with activities that only happen at this time of year, the creation of Bamboo scapes (using bamboo to make designs and structures to hold and present Deyas), please see photos below. Deyas are the ubiquitous vessel made of clay that holds a wick and a couple ounces of oil, that was used to light the way for Ram and Sita as they return victorious from the forest. In T&T, coconut oil is the most common fuel used for the Deyas. There are competitions that reward winners for their Bamboo Scapes. In most towns and villages, the entire community gathers at the local #Cricket ground to build their Bamboo scapes, It doesn't matter your #race or #religion, in T&T, Diwali is a national event, everyone participates. while only #Hindus go to temple and pray for Diwali, everyone is involved in all the cultural events including plays and skits, singing and dancing and maintaining the Deyas during the night on Diwali day, just as I was when growing up in Trinidad.

In T&T, Diwali has also become very commercialized. Every business worth their salt, advertises extensively during the Diwali season, offering "Diwali specials" and buys a booth at the Diwali Nagar, where you can be fed and entertained exquisitely for 10 days of celebrations. In addition to the cultural and religious programme ever day and night, popular restaurants, and individuals, cook fresh Roti and Takari (vegetable filling) and make local drinks. of-course the big food chains also get in on the act like popular T&T ice-cream maker Willie's Ice cream with coconut usually the most popular flavour requested. Diwali is also as big a revenue stream for both Radio and TV in T&T as Christmas, as advertisers know the value of advertising at this time of year. Of-course the politicians ALL want to be seen celebrating Diwali, regardless of race or religion, political photo-ops and speeches during our 10-day celebration is a nuisance we have to endure.

Like North Americans do for Christmas, in T&T, preparing for Diwali includes fasting for Hindus, most people are also cleaning, fixing, painting and decorating houses and in some cases, making their own Deyas and coconut oil. Tile red is the most popular color of paint used at this time of year, with thousands of gallons being sold during the Diwali season. Many folks install "Christmas lights" to adorn their houses, particularly the ubiquitous veranda, which stays up past New Years day. While it's only Hindus who actually adorn their homes with Deyas, usually the neighbors, and particularly their children, who helps to lay them out and maintain them during the night by refilling with the oil or replacing the wicks, regardless of race or religion.

Migrants from India has been in T&T since 1845, and the Caribbean itself since 1838. With them they brought their Indian Culture, religions, foods, plants, intelligence, innovation, industrious nature and entrepreneurial spirit to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Though T&T is a plural multi-cultural society that includes peoples from India, Africa, China, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, the middle east, the indigenous Amerindians and from across the Caribbean islands, it is quite evident that the migrants from India has had the most impact on society. Innovation by Indians in T&T include the most famous street food known as "Doubles", Buss-up-shot (T&T Paratha Roti), Dhal Puri (very different from Indian Puris), Chutney Music and Chutney Dance.

Diwali, is quickly becoming a quintessential world holiday because as the Original Festival of Lights, it bears meaning to many people, not just Hindus, plus its so much fun to be part of this tradition. If there is no Diwali celebrations where you are, please plan your next vacation in Trinidad during our 10-day festival, it will be the experience of your family's life.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Since the announcement of the iWatch, the Apple community and many other tech observers and first adopters went berserk with the possibilities, but for me and many skeptics, I wondered, do I really need another device??? my initial feeling is no, but most recently as many more companies have launched their own high tech wearable tech/Smart Watches with many many more features and compatible with Android devices I have begun to see a possible use for myself.

Motorola, LG, Huawei, ASUS, FitbitTom Tom, Addidas, and Microsoft are now making these watches as a coordinated effort with Google to offer Android users a plethora of options, including Square and round designs, sizes and designs for women and men,  Multiple digital watch faces to choose from, sport & heart rate tracking for your exercise routines, whether running, walking or climbing, and of course you can check your Gmail, Calendar, Facebook and play music as long as it is linked and synced to your phone. Technically, your phone and Android powers the watch, with the watch being the truncated "display unit" for the information on your phone. So these watches won't function fully without your phone, at least not yet, I'm sure Google is working on building and further miniaturizing mobile cell technology so these watches can run on a version of Android built for watches. one day soon I expect, but for now, you need your phone nearby to use these watches. Of-course certain basics will continue to work without your phone's Android processing power, like the watch faces, time, date and GPS tracking. Some even offer music downloads so you can listen anytime.

For me the most attractive feature is the GPS tracking of my exercise and the main reason I would opt for one of these new devices, so I don't have to get a fitbit or sport tracking device. having all the other added features is a bonus, but then I think to myself, I could already do all that with my Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy 5S, so do i really NEED to get this watch!? what's the opportunity cost, what else can I spend this $400 on?? For me the LG Urbane is the most attractive of the bunch, offering a classic watch style with a round design and built in Wifi. However, I feel buying one of these watches is more for status symbol than actual utility of the device, so since I'm not one who typically runs with the crowd, for now I'll pass, I don't need this status symbol. You on the other hand may want it precisely for that reason. maybe you want to be the first among your friends to have this wearable tech. So this holiday season you can expect a lot of discounts and competition for these new devices as these manufacturers battle it out for market share.

UPDATE 11/20/15: It's about 5 weeks before #Christmas and one week before the biggest shopping day of the year, #BlackFriday, (the day after the #Thanksgiving #Holiday), and as #predicted #SmartWatch ads are becoming more frequent and repetitive with #Samsung leading the charge as HP and #Movado team up to build and share one #smartwatch. if you're in the market, i expect the best prices will come to you the week after Christmas.

Read more about these watches here, at the officical Android Blog:

Thursday, March 6, 2014


By SUHASINI RAj for India Ink in NEW DELHI — It sounds like the plot of many a blockbuster movie: A group of underdogs take on a huge corporate machine to right an injustice, and in the end, the underdogs win.
On Thursday, the plot came to life, as Sampat Pal, the leader of the Gulabi Gang, a crusading pink-clad women’s group in rural Uttar Pradesh State, was able to convince the Delhi High Court to delay the Friday release of the Bollywood movie “Gulaab Gang,” which she said took her life story without compensation or credit.
photo credit: Team Gulabi at            

In “Gulaab Gang,” the #Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit plays Rajjo, a woman who sports a pink sari and fights to set up a school in her village. In an interview with India Ink, the director, Soumik Sen, said that his movie had nothing to do with the real Gulabi Gang and that it was actually a tribute to all women, including Ms. Pal.
The movie was set to be released on Friday, the day before International Women’s Day, but earlier this week, Ms. Pal swore that that “come hell or high water” and “whatever it took,” she would not let this movie open in theaters this weekend.
When asked about Ms. Pal’s threats, Mr.Sen was nonchalant, saying that he would not be heartbroken if the movie was not released on the expected date. “If Sampat Pal does anything to stop the movie, there is always a legal system in this country and we will see what happens,” he said.
Ms. Pal acted on her threats, filing her petition on Wednesday with the Delhi High Court. In it, she contended that the script was based on her life and the activities of the Gulabi Gang and that the Bollywood movie defamed her. She sought a permanent injunction against the release of the film and unspecified compensation for damages.
“They show women with sickles and axes in the movie,” she told India Ink. “We do not do any of this. We just wield a stick, which is only symbolic. So what kind of impression are they trying to create in the moviegoer’s minds about us?”

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to create a blog: A tutorial which saves you time, one paragraph gets it done!

to do this you should use the Google Chrome browser, if you don't have it on your computer device click and download it, just follow instructions. after you're done, then click or double click the icon to open it and then follow instructions below to create your blog. 

start your blog.
first log in to a Gmail account, if you don't have one then go here to create one now:
(you can forward all mail from this gmail to your existing account--it's free--just go to settings).

Now go to to begin creating your new blog, you'll be asked to log in using the same gmail, do that, now you will see two options for creating a profile click "create limited blogger profile",
it will then ask you for a "Display name" which is your name on the blog--not the blog's name, you can use a sobriquet/nickname (or your real name) or a phrase. now click the orange button at the bottom "continue to blog", now click the grey button "new blog", a box will pop up asking you to fill in a few items including your blog's name and BLOG website address (URL), (think about this before you start creating the blog, they can be the same or different),  and to choose a template for the look of your blog, you can change the template later on so just pick one. once you're done with those selections click "create blog", and the dashboard will appear. Congratulations! you've created the blog. On the dashboard there are several buttons explore them and ask me questions--just use the comment box below.

posting articles

now click the orange button with the pencil to post the article, just copy and paste it into the box. you will see the usual formatting icons at the top of the box so you can edit accordingly. but also get used to using the online options which include links, tags/labels, photos, videos and ads. 
links: simply highlight a word, click "link" and type or paste the URL (web address). then click enter.
Tags/Labels: help readers to find all your articles with the same topic or mention of the same item.
photos: you can insert them anywhere in the article, just put the cursor where you want to insert it and click the photo icon in the formatting bar above the text box.
videos: you can add the code from any youtube video and that video will play on your blog. you can also add links to the youtube video.
Ads: you should include ads in your blog (it's automatic after you enable the widget) to earn money, you just have to sign-up for Google Adsense and follow instructions. It's free to sign-up. 
Schedule: you can schedule when your article goes live on the web, this gives you the freedom to write now and post automatically. So you could write recipes for thanksgiving now and schedule them to post on November 15th or a few days before thanksgiving. 
Comments: I recommend enabling comments for your articles, this will help drive engagement, shares and readership.

when you're done, click "publish", now the article is live on the web! congratulations! now send me a link to the article on your blog. 

  • to help improve viewership of your articles/stories you should add links to words, names and phrases in your article, add at least 3 but no more than 7. for example, you can link the wikipedia page for Mississippi to any of the words Mississippi in your article. don't add the same link twice in the same article. 
  • promote the article through social media including Google+, twitter, facebook, etc. do this every day for the first 5 days after you publish each article. but each time use a different snippet. be sure you make each posting "public". 
  • create a group in Gmail (or any email service you use) of people you want to send the article to and email them a short snippet and the link to the article. but only send one email! for each article!
  • ask others to share the article on social media. 
  • Post it to your accounts or blogs on Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.
  • you can also pay to promote your articles to thousands of people on facebook and google. 

Post questions or comments to this article. I will reply to each question, but it may not be immediate