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Have a happy holiday folks. Darrel

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Mighty Shadow, a beloved Icon of Calypso AND Soca music #TrinidadandTobago

Profile outlines some highlights of Shadows career. Every year fans look forward to his new music more than any other Carnival artist.

Here's a sample of his music, both are great for dancing;

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Grab some grub, share your smile  and give your time,  a rub-a-dub-dub.

Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Google Photography Prizes WORLDWIDE, DEADLINE JAN. 31st Apply now

10 Exhibitions in London up for grabs-expense paid!

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Google Photography Prize: Looking for the photography stars of the future

Posted: 10 Nov 2011 08:45 AM PST

Google+ is only a few months old, but the photography community is already thriving on it. Take a look at the profiles of Scott Jarvie, Thomas Hawk, Colby Brown or Claire Grigaut to see just a few of the inspiring photographers on Google+. More than 3.4 billion photos have been uploaded to the platform in the first 100 days.

We’re really excited about this, and think great art deserves great exposure. So we’re teaming up with Saatchi Gallery, London for the Google Photography Prize, a chance for students around the world to showcase their photos on Google+ and have their work exhibited at a major art institution.

The contest is open to university students around the world (some exceptions apply, see for more details). From far-away places to up-close faces, there are 10 different categories to spark your imagination. And there are some great prizes to be won: 10 finalists chosen by a jury of renowned photographers will show their work at Saatchi Gallery, London for two months in 2012 alongside Out of Focus, a major photography exhibition, and win a trip to London to attend the exhibition opening event with a friend. One winner will go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to an amazing destination with a professional photography coach.

It’s easy to enter: After you pick a category, upload your photos to Google+ and share them with the world as a public post, then visit the submission form on by January 31, 2012 to enter.

Saatchi Gallery, London will share updates on their Google+ page for the contest, so add it to your circles if you want to see the great work that’s being submitted.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

Posted by Obi Felten, Director of Consumer Marketing, Google EMEA

Think Insights with Google is out of beta and packing a data punch

Posted: 09 Nov 2011 11:03 AM PST

Quick pop quiz:
  1. Based on search history, consumer demand for pretzels peaks in what month of the year?
  2. How much (in $) does search add to the world’s GDP?
  3. In 2011, what percent of people dreamed and brainstormed about their next vacation?
  4. What percent of the daily queries on have never been seen before?
These are just a few questions that can be answered* on the new Think Insights with Google, our information and resource hub for marketers. The site is fresh out of beta and sporting a playful new look, helpful tools, more studies, the latest trends and exciting videos. We invite you to visit the site, take a look around and see what’s new.

If you only have a few minutes to spare, try playing with our new Real Time Insights Finder tool. With just a few clicks you can spot emerging trends and gain valuable consumer insights, all in real time. For example, the most popular video in common among males 25-34 in Italy and the U.S. is the Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game trailer.

Although we’ve made a lot of enhancements to Think Insights based on initial user feedback, we’re always trying to iterate and improve. So please don’t be shy! Join the conversation by adding the Think with Google page on Google+ to one of your circles, or stay tuned for updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

Think Insights is forward-thinking and rooted in data. We hope you’ll use it as a one-stop shop for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research.

*Answers to pop quiz (they can all be found on Think Insights in less than 60 seconds):

  1. December, Real Time Insights Finder Tool
  2. $540 billion directly to global GDP, The Impact of Internet Technologies: Search Study, Jul 2011
  3. 50%, 5 Stages of Travel Interactive Infographic
  4. 16%, Search Fact & Stat
Posted by Laura McClung, Ads Marketing
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Trinidad's Divali Nagar - World’s first Hindu theme park, Est. 1986

Trinidad's Divali Nagar - World’s first Hindu Theme Park

by Dr. Kumar Mahabir, Phone: (868) 674-6008E-mail:

[Live Video Stream at 6:00 PM everyday ]

The Divali holiday will be observed on Wednesday October 26, 2011, in Trinidad & Tobago and around the world, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Divali Nagar, the first Hindu theme park in the world.


In the week leading to Divali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, over ten million deyas [clay lamps] are lit in homes, temples, offices, streets and parks. This festival has become the second-largest, open-air, national festival in multi-ethnic Trinidad and Tobago, after Carnival.


The hub of all Divali celebrations in the island is the Divali Nagar site in Central Trinidad, which was established in 1986. Indeed, the Nagar is the most-frequently visited entertainment centre in the country during Divali, second only to the Grand Stand in the Queen’s Park Savannah during Carnival.


The Nagar provides a public stage for local, regional and international performing artistes. These models, singers, dancers, musicians, choirs and orchestras entertain locals, as well as visitors from the rest of the world. The Nagar has grown to epic proportions, attracting many artistes and tourists to this international spiritual tourist destination. They come from Belize, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Grenada, St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana and Suriname in the Caribbean. Others come from French Guiana, U.S.A, U.K., Holland and India. Prominent guests included the President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma and the two Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago, their Excellencies Noor Hassanali and Maxwell Richards.


Each year, the Nagar chooses a theme based on Hinduism and Indian culture for its presentation. The theme is researched and exhibited by Baba Satnarayan Mourya, an artist from India. Various modes of information, including designs, paintings, posters and photographs are showcased.


For nine nights, the Nagar is transformed into a blend of the sacred and secular, where the bustle of commerce mingles with the melody of prayer. Booths showcase and sell products and services to approximately 150,000 visitors. Commercial booths sell mainly Indian clothes, footwear, jewellery, accessories, music, movies, furniture, appliances, and religious and household items. In recent years, the Nagar has also accommodated an Indian Trade Fair. This is a flea market operated by about 25 businessmen from India.


 The Nagar houses about 150 tents which include commercial stalls, religious booths, media houses and food kitchens. The kitchens - preparing local, hot, on-the-spot Indian delicacies - are the most popular. Pepper roti made on a chulha [earthen stove], in one of the food stalls, is extremely delightful.


At the Nagar, palmists and astrologists are sought and consulted. Mehindi artistes are in demand for decorating the hands and palms of mainly young women with artistic lines of paint. Itinerant salesmen peddle cotton candies, balloons, glow sticks and toys.


Hare Krishna performers in the courtyard draw the largest and youngest crowd outside of the main stage due to their captivating renditions of kirtans [chants]. They are well-known for congregational singing, ecstatic dancing [sankirtan], playing of musical instruments, and the public chanting of God’s names.


Each year, local theatre groups perform plays in the Bisram Gopie Sangeet Bhavan Auditorium at the Nagar. Brave Heart Productions Theatre Company and the Princes Town Theatre Workshop are two companies that have acted on the smaller stage.


It is perhaps the spectacle of fireworks on the last night of the week-long extravaganza which draws the largest crowd to the Nagar. An estimated 50,000 persons converge upon the site to witness the creative explosion of lights in the heavens that appears like meteoric showers of celestial raindrops.

The Nagar is not the only fair which blends the sacred and the secular with entertainment. Located close to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld in Florida, is the Holy Land Experience. Established in 2001, this Christian theme park is a recreation of Jerusalem during Biblical times.  Instead of offering wild rides, the park offers lectures and prayers which make the Holy Land appear more like a church.

Established in 1986, the reception towards the Divali Nagar in Trinidad and Tobago has been so tremendous that it has inspired Hindu theme parks and other Nagars in the rest of the world. In 2005, Toronto in Canada celebrated its first Divali Nagar, followed by Florida in the USA in 2008. In 2005, Swaminayaran Akshardham in Delhi in India, established the second Hindu theme park in the world. In 2011, plans are being made by ISKON [Hare Krishna devotees] to construct a spiritual theme park in Bangalore, India.

Visit Divali Nagar in Trinidad & Tobago for the best Divali Experience, or watch the Live Video Stream at 6:00 PM everyday Oct 16-25, 2011


Dr Kumar Mahabir

Chairman, Indo-Caribbean Divali Publication Ltd.

Assistant Professor, University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)

      Join me on Facebook

Thursday, October 13, 2011



On behalf of the Divya Jyoti Association of New York, it gives me great
pleasure to invite you to the 2011 Diwali Motorcade & Cultural Show.



The parade starts at Liberty Avenue and 133rd St., Richmond Hill, NY 11419 On Saturday, October 22nd, 2011,   6:00pm, and will continue to the Arya Spiritual Center Grounds at  104-20  133 Street. 

(all Floats & Vehicles will assemble by 4:30pm on 133rd Street)

See the Parade route at this link: Google Maps 


(104-20 133rd St., Richmond Hill, NY 11419) Just follow the crowd. 

The festivities will begin at 1 PM with A Lakshmi Puja, followed by the Havan Ceremony at 2:00 PM that will be dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi. The Cultural Show will begin at 3:00 PM and will include LIVE Dances, Songs and a couple talks.

VEGETARIAN DELICACIES AND DRINKS WILL BE ON SALE!  (See the line-up, official flyer, Videos, Pictures & more info)


It would be great if your organization and/or associated Mandir can participate this year with your own Float or Decorated Motor Vehicle. Entrance is FREE BUT YOU MUST REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE. CA$H Prizes include: 1st prize $501.00; 2nd prize $301.00; 3rd prize $101.00!) Parade to be followed by a few Diwali stage performances and the presentation of winners. Please Contact:

Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, is a very auspicious event on the Hindu calendar, and is also celebrated by Jains, SIkhs and the Indian Diaspora worldwide. We do hope you can join the many thousands who will participate in this grand occasion. Learn more about Diwali here:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011 Panorama Steel Band competition. Pantonic.

The annual West Indian carnival celebrations in NYC. Pantonic rehearsing backstage before entering the competition.

Fresh organic vegitables, not perfect & I love it...


From my sister's garden in New Jersey. The real deal. They may not look perfect but they are delicious and quite healthy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

12:30PM Update: PICS. Winds are now dying, Sun is fighting through clouds. More people out.

Irene is quickly moving up north carrying her treachery to other parts of the Northeast and heading to Canada. However, in her wake she has a left a lot of destruction and severe flooding. All over Queens County there is downed trees, awnings, Light poles and wires. The flooding is widespread on roads and into basements and houses. Photos courtesy: Richard S. David. 

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11:00AM Update: Widespread Flooding, Very Windy, Violent Storm, Darker Clouds are giving way to brighter clouds

Over NYC Irene is now downgraded to a Violent Tropical Storm. As it hit landfall in the tri-state area (NY, NJ & CT) Irene weakened but it is still raining incessantly, still very windy and dangerous. Severe flooding is widespread, many major roads are closed including portions the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn and The FDR in Manhattan. 

8:30 update:PIC: the eye of Irene arrives over NYC.


Still heavy rains but the winds have not picked up beyond the current 40-55 MPH Sustained winds, however, there is wind gusts up to 75 MPH which carry debris. Officials say "stay off the streets" you can be injured by flying debris and shrapnel. Many reports of downed trees across Queens. A few people are out walking and driving. Citgo gas stations is open in Richmond Hill.

6am Update: PIC Queens/Richmond Hill: Sustained winds & heavy rain incessantly for two hours. Tornado warnings for Queens and Brooklyn

The TORNADO warnings extend across Long Island, NY, including, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. 
around 4AM Irene picked up her treachery bringing Heavy rain and sustained winds up to 55mph, bending trees in this Richmond Hill neighborhood. Suspended road signals swaying dangerously but are still switching. No descernable damage at this time. As folks rise to meet the worst of hurricane Irene, more reports will come in. stay tuned here: and @darrel3000 on twitter. 


4:00am Sunday #Irene picks up momentum near JFK Airport in Queens New York.

4am Update.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

IT'S OFFICIAL: NYC GOES TO SLEEP at Noon Saturday, see more

By Darrel Sukhdeo
For the first time in history all NYC public transportation, all Airports, Bridges and tunnels will stop running at Noon on Saturday Aug 27, 2011, including Amtrak, NJ Transit, Path Trains, JFK, La Guardia & Newark airports, Metro North Railroad, Long Island Railroad, all New York City, and New Jersey Bridges and Tunnels. Hurricane Irene is threatening the worst destruction ever seen in New York City. Officials are warning the worst and hoping for the best. City officials said it takes 8 hours to shut down the entire system as explanation for the early cut-off at noon on Saturday. Current forecasts expect Hurricane Irene to reach NYC by 8pm Saturday. According to ABCnews, there are 5,912 Skyscrapers in NYC, most of which have never faced a category 1 Hurricane. Lower Manhattan and some Subway tunnels are expected to flood.   

The City that never sleeps will finally get a rest.  

For the first time in history, NYC streets, subways, railways, restaurants, tourist attractions, entertainment, Broadway Theatres and Times Square will be empty. All in an attempt to keep everyone safe from the treachery of Hurricane Irene. We are expected to get at least 12 inches of rain that we cannot accommodate, along with category 1 hurricane winds (minimum 74 mph), 6-12 feet ocean swells and waves, downed trees, airborne debris and shrapnel. Regardless of what the reality turns out to be, we will have significant flooding, flood zones will flood, rivers will bank and we can expect many areas that rarely flood to be flooded. Some forecasts are predicting many low-lying areas, that have never been flooded, to swell with water. The try-state area (NY, NJ & CT) have received about 10" of rain this August (2011); we normally get 4" in August, so the earth is saturated, the rivers are full and the ground around trees are wet and pliable. Introduce hurricane force wind speeds (above 73 miles per hour) and only disaster will ensue. 

A Region holds it's breath.

Everyone has been warned to stay off the streets, not just in NYC, but all across the try state area. Barrier Islands and shore lines have been evacuated, along with hospitals and senior centers in those areas. Thousands of sheets of plywood have found their way over windows and doors. Highways across the region were closed by Saturday morning, some open only one way, letting folks get out of evacuation zones, with no option to return. Every authority, Governors, mayors, county chiefs, legislators, news anchors and reporters, OEM commissioners (Office of Emergency Management), borough presidents and the red cross have warned the worst, have been working to be prepared for at least a week and have battened down everything at risk. Subway and bus yards in high risk zones have been cleared. Commercial Aircraft are being secured in hangers or flown out of the area, while private planes are being covered & tethered to ground with steel cables.  

The aftermath 

There is a lot of data available from previous hurricanes to assist emergency planning on every level. However, NYC has never faced such a direct hit. Many outcomes can only be guessed, certainly, many formulas and models are being examined to determine what might happen given NYC's unique skyline. Emergency personal will be on alert all across NYC to monitor what happens so that the OEM can respond accordingly by Sunday afternoon when the worst is expected to be over. NYC has the largest and best equipped municipal workforce in the world, including police, fire, EMS, sanitation, transportation, information services, engineers and hospitals, all of which are in a state of preparedness for the worst. We expect that by Monday morning the city will be wide awake and ready to remain awake hour after hour, day after day, year after year, unceasingly.    

Friday, August 26, 2011


Get a Emergency Supplies “GO KIT”

Being prepared with the right emergency supplies can reduce the risk of harm when disaster strikes. Pack a “Go Bag” When disasters (fire, flood, hurricane) require a quick evacuation, a “Go Bag”—backpack with emergency supplies/important documents for each household member—is essential.

What’s in a “Go Bag?”
Water—small bottles
Food—nonperishable snacks
Battery-powered radio/flashlight (with extra batteries) or crank radio/flashlight*
First Aid Kit—bandages, scissors
Copies of important documents in a waterproof container (ID, proof of residence, insurance info, emergency contact card)
Prescription info—name, dose, doctor’s name and number
A whistle to signal for help
Silver foil blanket—also called a mylar blanket
Keys—a second set of car and house keys
Cash—small bills
Toiletries—hygiene items, toilet paper
Personalize your “Go Bag” for your special needs—baby supplies, contact lenses, pet supplies, etc.

More here: NY RED CROSS


By Darrel Sukhdeo

You've heard it before, "New York City, the city that never sleeps", well that is about to change. NYC will be shut down come midday tomorrow, Saturday Aug 28, 2011. All transportation will be will be shut down, as a precaution, so that after the storm we can be up and running again. This affects ALL trains and buses, including Access-a-ride, Subways, NYC buses, Path trains, Long Island railroad and Metro North railroad. Airports, Bridges and Tuunels will also be closed. ALL BUSES ARE FREE THIS WEEKEND, SUBWAYS IN " ZONE A" ARE ALSO FREE. you will also be able to access FREE WIFI throughout New York City, unless there is damage to cell towers in your area.

A State-of-Emergency (SoE) has been declared in New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County, New York and New Jersey. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in all coastal and low-lying areas declared "Zone A". Shelters are already open, with many more to be opened by 5pm on Saturday. Although, officials are asking people to seek shelter with relatives, friends and colleagues because limited shelter capacity is available.


Follow @darrel3000 on for ongoing updates.
I also reecommend you follow @redcossny @notifynyc @NYTlive @NYTmetro @ny1

4 Alarm Fire in Richmond Hill Stops J-Train and guts two medical offices

The FDNY responded with 200 firefighters and 40 Engine & Ladder units.
By Darrel Sukhdeo

The call came in to the FDNY at 5:36 pm on Monday (Aug 22nd) right in the middle of rush hour. Two children and 9 adults were displaced and were put up in local hotel by the Red Cross. Seven different addresses were affected, as well as, four dwellings. Construction was on-going for a month at both of the properties that were gutted. Three firefighters and one civilian was injured. Construction was on-going at the two properties that were gutted, including Roof work .

The FDNY spent several hours fighting the blaze, despite their best efforts seven properties were damaged. Two properties, 112-12 and 112-16 Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill, were completely gutted, both were medical offices. Two other properties were badly damaged by the fire and water. Three other buildings were damaged in the firefighters’ efforts to prevent the fire from spreading, including water damage, broken doors, walls, windows and roofs. During his press statements, Chief Edward Kilduff, Chief of Departments, said, "3 firemen were injured when the roof collapsed", and, "a smoke & fire explosion occurred when windows were broken open, letting air in, which caused the roof to collapse. The firefighters are being treated at Jamaica Hospital for non life-threatening injuries". One civilian was injured and was treated by EMS on the scene.

A spokesman for the American Red Cross of Greater New York, Micheal Devuopilliere, in a telephone interview, said that nine adults & two children lost their apartments in the fire. As is customary, the Red Cross provided temporary housing at local hotels. The Red Cross also provided food, aid and counselling to the displaced, as well as, the first responders on the scene including firefighters, police and EMS. He said, “disaster assessments were being conducted at two other dwellings to determine if those residents would need assistance”.

The smoke from the fire was dark and intense and rose directly onto the tracks of the J-Train, which were mere feet form the building and the fire. The MTA immediately shut down the J-Train causing delays and disrupting commutes all along the J-Line; the Q56 Bus was re-routed in both directions. Many Straphangers were forced to take alternate routes, including many readers of Caribbean New Yorker. The smoke persisted incessantly throughout the fire and up to midnight, driving neighborhood residents to seek refuge elsewhere.

Several residents said that construction was on-going at 112-12 and 112-16 Jamaica Avenue, including Roof work laying down tar, both locations were completely destroyed. Chief Kilduff confirmed that there was construction at the properties for the last month, as well as Monday when the fire took place. The fire Marshall’s investigations will determine if the work being done by the construction company, JC Home Development, contributed in any way to the fire or may have been the cause of the fire. No one at the company would comment.

Everyone was evacuated safely and were remarkably calm, including business owners who lost everything and residents. I spoke with Dr. Shazia Sami, Medical Director, E-Z Medical, who left her office at 112-16 Jamaica Avenue minutes before the fire started. She said, “my staff ran from the building and called me”, she had no idea of the extent of the damage and in fact was leaving for Pakistan the next day. One resident said that Dr. Sami was very popular in the neighborhood. Other affected businesses include a physical therapy office, Podiatrist, Law office and Mortgage broker among others.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New video: FIRE STOPS J-TRAIN in Richmond Hill, nyc.

MOV025.3gp Watch on Posterous

Happening now



On going



Happening now



New pic



Happening now



Jamaica ave @112 street happening now



Happening now



Happening right mow



Happening right now



112th Street @Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill, New York, during 4 alarm first that guts two medical offices and 5 other businesses



Happening now on Jamaica ave @112th street in Richmond Hill nyc


Happening right now



Happening now Jamaica Ave @ 112th street in Richmond hill, nyc #news

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Google acquires Motorola Mobility! One insider I spoke with...

One insider i spoke with a few months ago said one reason they split the company was that mobile wasn't making money and was "a drain on resources". The same insider also said Motorola Solutions, the other half, was highly profitable.

Still, it is a good move by google. I anticipate that this will bring down costs for Android handsets while increasing competition within the smartphone arena. Despite lower smartphone prices, they are still too expensive and contribute to the current economic models for carrier services that  are designed to maintain price amplification.

Traditionally Google have priced products cheaper than most of their competition and I have no reason to believe this will be any different. I hope part of their plan includes becoming a new carrier, although this will not happen in the near future unless they plan to spend tens of billions, in the short term, on acquiring and building their own infrastructure.

Motorola Mobility has decades of mobile experience, an established, albeit, floundering distribution network and some of the best design pedigree in the space.

This is one to watch closely.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

- International Museum of Women CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS- Your Voices: On Motherhood

Submissions are accepted online through October 31, 2011 with a prize of US$1000 to the Community Choice Award Winner!

Artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, writers: IMOW wants to showcase your work in the new online exhibition Your Voices: On Motherhood. Contributions can come in any medium that is currently supported on (see below for details) and work must address a topic related to motherhood. 

IMOW wants to showcase the experiences, ideas, joys and challenges of a new global generation on this important issue. What are your fears and hopes as you think about whether to become a mother? How is being a ‘good' mother defined in your country or culture? How is mothering now different to your mother or grandmother's generation?

Potential topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Motherhood and Identity
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth - including maternal health
  • Work/life Choices
  • Motherhood Myths and Realities
  • Teenage Motherhood
  • Fathers
  • Grandmothers


Explore these questions and topics, or come up with your own. We encourage you to submit original art, creative writing, personal stories, journalism, music, audio, video, photography or animation for consideration, and take part in this extraordinary conversation!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trinidadian Sasha Mallory makes the finals!

The FINALS is happening RIGHT NOW on So You think You Can Dance! ** LIVE  8PM -10PM EST on FOX. VOTE for TRINIDADIAN Sasha Mallory tonight Wednesday 10-12pm EST (a NEW NUMBER-1-888-836-7604 see below).

Vote for Sasha 10PM EST to midnight ONLY 2 Hours, TONIGHT! by calling 1-888-836-7604 or text the #4 to 83676

vote online for Sasha Mallory at 

Exec. Producer/Head judge Nigel Lithgow said Sasha dances from her soul! Sasha has been brilliant from the auditions onwards and is one of the two females in these finals. She is an accomplished and technically proficient dancer, but more than that she works hard constantly and like most Trinis is always smiling! She is currently one of the top four female dancers remaining (THOUSANDS auditioned to be on the show) and a favourite to win it all. Even if you're not a fan of dance, you'll enjoy seeing her dance. 


The FINALS is happening RIGHT NOW on So You think You Can Dance! ** LIVE  8PM -10PM EST on FOX. VOTE for TRINIDADIAN Sasha Mallory tonight Wednesday 10-12pm EST (a NEW NUMBER-1-888-836-7604 see below).

Vote for Sasha 10PM EST to midnight ONLY 2 Hours, TONIGHT! by calling 1-888-836-7604 or text the #4 to 83676

vote online for Sasha Mallory at 

Exec. Producer/Head judge Nigel Lithgow said Sasha dances from her soul! Sasha has been brilliant from the auditions onwards and is one of the two females in these finals. She is an accomplished and technically proficient dancer, but more than that she works hard constantly and like most Trinis is always smiling! She is currently one of the top four female dancers remaining (THOUSANDS auditioned to be on the show) and a favourite to win it all. Even if you're not a fan of dance, you'll enjoy seeing her dance. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nicki Minaj's 'Good Morning America' Concert 8AM Aug 5th, 2011

More Info: Nicki Minaj's 'Good Morning America' Concert

"Good Morning America's" Summer Concert Series continues August 5 in an exclusive television event with the multi-talented Nicki Minaj.
The hit-making rapper and singer/songwriter will perform several songs off of her new album "Pink Friday."
Due to limited capacity, this will be a ticketed event. There is a maximum of two tickets allowed per request. You must show your printed Ticketmaster receipt to enter Central Park SummerStage at Rumsey Playfield. Tickets are free of charge however there is a $3.00 Ticketmaster service charge. Concert is general admission and doors open to the public at 6 a.m. ET. The concert will air on "GMA" live from 8 to 9 a.m. ET on Friday, Aug. 5.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LADA GAGA is the guest Judge TONIGHT! -July27.

** LIVE on So You Think You Can Dance 8PM -10PM EST on FOX
VOTE tonight WEDNESDAY (10-12pm est) for Trinidadian SASHA MALLORY on So You think You Can Dance. Last week the judges were unanimous with their accolades and Neil Patrick Harris said "that was the best dance of the night" for a Hip-Hop performance Sasha did with all-star Twitch. The results show is at 9pm every Thursday. 

Sasha has been brilliant from the auditions onwards and seemingly can do no wrong. She is an accomplished and technically proficient dancer, but more than that she works hard constantly and like most Trinis is always smiling! She is currently one of the top four female dancers remaining (THOUSANDS auditioned to be on the show) and a favourite to win it all.  even if you're not a fan of dance, you'll enjoy seeing her dance. So just vote for Sasha to support a fellow Trini if nothing else. Personally, I love the show! I've seen almost every episode of all 9 seasons to date.    

Vote for Sasha 10PM EST to midnight ONLY 2 Hours, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT! 
by calling 1-888-836-7601, (BE WARNED: this number may change weekly) 
text the #1 to 83676  (BE WARNED: this number may change weekly) 
online at 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Shakespeare's Macbeth based on a Phagwa legend?

By Dr. Kumar Mahabir
Assistant Professor, School of Cognition, Learning and Education,
University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)

Phagwa or Holi, the Festival of Harvest and Colour, is here!

It is signalled by the bloom of the large poui trees visible for miles because of their distinct bright yellow and mild pink colour. The bloom of the poui foresees Phagwa and the heart of the dry season when watermelons are harvested and sugarcane was cut not too many years ago.

All over the world, Phagwa is celebrated with chowtal songs, music and dances. Added to the repertoire in Trinidad and Tobago are pichakaree songs on the theme of resistance and empowerment. A variety of watercolours (abeer) are mixed and sprayed on participants, with the corresponding coloured powder (gulaal) smeared on their clothes and bodies. Phagwa is also a time when Hindus, who have studied the legend of Hiranya-kashipu and William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, meditate on the deep similarities between the two stories. The similarities are too peculiar and numerous to dismiss as sheer coincidence.

Both Hiranya and Macbeth were over-ambitious kings who turned into tyrants. Each plotted the murder of someone once held dear and close to him. King Hiranya planned the murder of his own son, Prahalad. Similarly, General Macbeth murdered his king, Duncan, and usurped the throne.

Hiranya and Macbeth were both granted a boon of invincibility by supernatural beings. Hiranya was promised by Lord Brahma that he would not be killed by man or animal; in the day or night; indoors or outside; and on earth or in space. Eventually, he was slain by the avatar, Narasimha, in the incarnation of a man with a lion’s head. Hiranya was defeated at twilight (when it is neither day nor night), on the threshold of a courtyard (neither indoors nor outside), and on the avatar’s lap (neither earth nor space).

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the tyrant king was assured by mystical creatures that he would not be killed by anyone born of woman, and until the forest of Birnam moved to the hill of Dunsinane. Eventually, Macbeth, was slain by Macduff, who was born by a Caesarean section. He was killed when soldiers camouflaged themselves with branches from the forest of Dunsinane.

Frithjof Schuon, the respected Swiss philosopher of religion, also notes the striking similarities between the legends of Hiranya and Macbeth. In the book Logic and Transcendence (1975), Schuon uses the story of Hiranya to illustrate the point that a prophecy cannot be entirely accurate, and, therefore, should not be taken literally. Schuon discusses the sequence of prophecy, false assurance, pride and “divine ruse” in the legend of Hiranya, and concludes that “Shakespeare took this subject or doctrine for his theme in Macbeth ...”

In an article entitled “The Invisible Saraswattie” published in a peer-reviewed journal, Sasenarine Persaud (1996) contends that “… nowhere is the Indian influence more remarkable in Shakespeare than in one of his greatest tragedies, Macbeth.”

The story of Hiranya-kashipu is narrated in the Bhāgavata Purāṇa, (also known as Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, or Bhāgavata), one of the sacred literary texts of Hinduism. The celebrated text contains mainly stories of devotees and their attachment to divine incarnations, particularly Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. Historical scholars generally agree that the Bhāgavata-Purāṇa was probably composed around 3100 BCE.

It is believed that Shakespeare wrote The Tragedy of Macbeth (commonly called Macbeth) sometime between 1603 and 1607. The source of the story is controversial. It is commonly considered to be based on historical accounts drawn from Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1587). However, the outline of Macbeth bears little relation to real events associated with the Scottish king and Scottish history.

It seems that Shakespeare drew the outlines of Macbeth from the legend of Hiranya. There are a few of his other plays that show Indian influence. One is King Lear, apparently based on the Indian folktale “The King and his Seven Daughters,” published in my book Caribbean Indian Folktales (2005). Both stories open with a king summoning all his daughters to question their loyalty and love for him. The youngest, honest daughter does not flatter him like the others do. In shock and anger, the king banishes her without her inheritance from the kingdom. It is a mistake the king realises only at the end when they reunite.

A third example is The Merchant of Venice derived perhaps from in the Lalita-Vistara, the biography of Buddha, written in 100 AD. The “pound of flesh” motif in Lalita-Vistara reappears in this Shakespeare's play.

In his article, “The Invisible Saraswattie,” Persaud provides details of trade between Europe and India dating from as early as 2000 BCE. Persaud developed the subject first introduced by A.L. Balsham in his monumental work, The Wonder that was India (1979). This contact between the two places influenced economic, political, social, cultural and literary life in both societies. Europe’s most dramatic contact with India was the Greek invasion, starting with the conquest of Alexander the Great in 326 BCE. The romance of India attracted Europeans to the fabled land for thousands of years. In 1492, it drove Christopher Columbus to set sail across the Atlantic to find a sea-route to the land of gold, silk, spices and stories.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ireland beats England ICC Cricket World Cup in India


Ireland has triumphed over perennial foes England in another exciting match at Bangalore, India. kevin O'Brien scores the fastest century in World Cup history, with 100 off 50 balls, to take Ireland into the winners box, securing a place in history for himself and Ireland.

Many a commentator felt that the last match on this ground, a tie between India v England, would be the match of the tournament, I think Ireland was offended. One thing is certain, there is plenty of exciting, edge of your seat cricket left in this ICC Cricket World Cup with more than 30 matches yet to be played.

This result has thrown this group B wide open and gives Ireland a fantastic chance of moving forward. With this 1st win they get 2 points and sets them up moving forward as each of the other teams in this group has to take them seriously. Other teams in group B are India, West Indies, South Africa, Bangladesh and Netherlands, and India and England with one point each from their drawn match gives Ireland great confidence to fight every ball.

England scored a commanding 327 off their 50 overs and lost 8 wickets during their innings. In reply Ireland were reeling on 113 for 5 by the halfway point, Portersfield lost his wicket with the very first ball!. Kevin O'Brien and AR Cusack then went on to rescue the innings for Ireland with 162 run partnership and in the process has become heroes at home and earned themselves legions of Indian fans.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 NYC Holi (Phagwah) Parade > March 20 @noon

The Hindu Parades & Festival C’tee Inc.


Pranaam & Namaste
Happy Holi Greetings for the Phagwah Season of 2011
From the Exec. Bd of the Hindu Parades & Festivals C’tee, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your participation & contributions in the past, in helping to make the Phagwah Parades so successful as a very much anticipated annual event in New York. Visitors come from as far as Canada, India, Florida & other States for this event.

We are pleased to invite you and your Mandir or Company to participate in this year’s Parade in Richmond Hill Queens & Cultural Concert @ Smokey Oval Park(Phil Rizzuto Pk).

Date of Parade: Sunday March 20, 2011
Parade Commences: 12:00 noon, Float Assembly: 10:00 am
Place: Liberty Ave at 132nd St, Richmond Hill, Queens to Smokey Oval at 95th Av & 125th St
Type of Floats: For safety, NY City & NYPD only allow official floats conforming to City guidelines. ‘OFFICIAL FLOATS ONLY’ Sorry, no ordinary vehicles can be allowed in the parade. We are not allowed Flatbeds, P/U Trucks, SUVs or cars etc..

The HPFC has made arrangements with a float contractor to provide officially approved floats. The Float fee charged by the float contractor has been negotiated to be $1,300 for this year(incl towing vehicle, driver, & cleaning). The registration fee is $200 for Mandirs or other Charitable Org., & $400 for Company sponsored floats. A Check from Mandirs etc for $1,500, & from Sponsoring Companies $1,700, should be made payable to “Hindu Parades & Festivals Committee” (or HPFC). I either have your float design from the previous years, or you can give us your drawings if this is your first float on the Phagwah Parade. Call me. .

The C’tee has voted that ‘Float Positions’ on the Parade(1-2-3 thru 20 etc) will be determined by the order in which the checks are received. SO PLEASE REMEMBER “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE”

Hindu Parades & Festivals C’tee Inc.
PS: Please make checks payable to HPFC Inc.(to be rec’d by Mar 6th . Call to arrange check drop-off. 917-304-0200, 718-739-4770 Fax:917-677-4766 Email:, or give check to any Senior HPFC Official, as listed above

feel free to email me if you have questions or need directions-Darrel3000