Friday, August 26, 2011


Get a Emergency Supplies “GO KIT”

Being prepared with the right emergency supplies can reduce the risk of harm when disaster strikes. Pack a “Go Bag” When disasters (fire, flood, hurricane) require a quick evacuation, a “Go Bag”—backpack with emergency supplies/important documents for each household member—is essential.

What’s in a “Go Bag?”
Water—small bottles
Food—nonperishable snacks
Battery-powered radio/flashlight (with extra batteries) or crank radio/flashlight*
First Aid Kit—bandages, scissors
Copies of important documents in a waterproof container (ID, proof of residence, insurance info, emergency contact card)
Prescription info—name, dose, doctor’s name and number
A whistle to signal for help
Silver foil blanket—also called a mylar blanket
Keys—a second set of car and house keys
Cash—small bills
Toiletries—hygiene items, toilet paper
Personalize your “Go Bag” for your special needs—baby supplies, contact lenses, pet supplies, etc.

More here: NY RED CROSS

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