Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BREAKING: Former Trinidad PM Patrick Manning rushed to hospital with a stroke

Monday Jan. 23, 2012, around midnight.

Patrick Manning rushed to San Fernando Gen Hospital just before midnight with a stroke.Suffering with right side paralysis.
Wife Hazel Manning, Gary Hunt with him. Admitted just before midnight. In stable condition.
Via Trinidad Guardian

Patrick Manning has been a politician in Trinidad and Tobago for more than three decades and served as Prime Minister on two occasions. He has held the San Fernando West seat in Parliament uninterrupted for his entire political career for the PNM (People's National Movement) Party. A consummate politician, Patrick Manning was well regarded by many and vilified by an equal number.

His skills as a politician helped him to maneuver into PNM leadership during the mid eighties when the party, and the country, was in crises. He held the leadership until too much rhetoric and a series of bad decisions led to the PNM losing the last election, as well as the majority in the Trinidad and Tobago's House of Representatives. Once again he held his seat, San Fernando West. In the days after the elections in May 2010 he was removed as leader of the PNM.

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