Thursday, September 3, 2015


Since the announcement of the iWatch, the Apple community and many other tech observers and first adopters went berserk with the possibilities, but for me and many skeptics, I wondered, do I really need another device??? my initial feeling is no, but most recently as many more companies have launched their own high tech wearable tech/Smart Watches with many many more features and compatible with Android devices I have begun to see a possible use for myself.

Motorola, LG, Huawei, ASUS, FitbitTom Tom, Addidas, and Microsoft are now making these watches as a coordinated effort with Google to offer Android users a plethora of options, including Square and round designs, sizes and designs for women and men,  Multiple digital watch faces to choose from, sport & heart rate tracking for your exercise routines, whether running, walking or climbing, and of course you can check your Gmail, Calendar, Facebook and play music as long as it is linked and synced to your phone. Technically, your phone and Android powers the watch, with the watch being the truncated "display unit" for the information on your phone. So these watches won't function fully without your phone, at least not yet, I'm sure Google is working on building and further miniaturizing mobile cell technology so these watches can run on a version of Android built for watches. one day soon I expect, but for now, you need your phone nearby to use these watches. Of-course certain basics will continue to work without your phone's Android processing power, like the watch faces, time, date and GPS tracking. Some even offer music downloads so you can listen anytime.

For me the most attractive feature is the GPS tracking of my exercise and the main reason I would opt for one of these new devices, so I don't have to get a fitbit or sport tracking device. having all the other added features is a bonus, but then I think to myself, I could already do all that with my Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy 5S, so do i really NEED to get this watch!? what's the opportunity cost, what else can I spend this $400 on?? For me the LG Urbane is the most attractive of the bunch, offering a classic watch style with a round design and built in Wifi. However, I feel buying one of these watches is more for status symbol than actual utility of the device, so since I'm not one who typically runs with the crowd, for now I'll pass, I don't need this status symbol. You on the other hand may want it precisely for that reason. maybe you want to be the first among your friends to have this wearable tech. So this holiday season you can expect a lot of discounts and competition for these new devices as these manufacturers battle it out for market share.

UPDATE 11/20/15: It's about 5 weeks before #Christmas and one week before the biggest shopping day of the year, #BlackFriday, (the day after the #Thanksgiving #Holiday), and as #predicted #SmartWatch ads are becoming more frequent and repetitive with #Samsung leading the charge as HP and #Movado team up to build and share one #smartwatch. if you're in the market, i expect the best prices will come to you the week after Christmas.

Read more about these watches here, at the officical Android Blog:

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