Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Even Free this T-Mobile Offer is VERY VERY BAD FOR YOU

To begin with it DOES NOT include YouTube! probably the streaming service everyone uses most of all. So granting free access to some streaming services and not others, even if free, is just another way for them to get to cap data access, ANY CAP ON DATA ACCESS IS BAD FOR NET NEUTRALITY, THAT IS, THE IDEA THAT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET SHOULD HAVE EQUAL ACCESS TO YOU, THE CONSUMER. T-Mobile has listed about 24 streaming sites including Netflix and Hulu that is included in the offer, but why not YouTube and more importantly educational sites like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is working to put all their art online and offering video tours online. But you and your kids cannot stream that content for free with T-Mobile.

Whats worse, is that in a few months, they'll roll-out a monthly subscription for this service, or you will be bombarded with advertising if you continue with the free service, just as Hulu did when they added the subscription service ads went to an average of 180 second every ten minutes from a low of 60 seconds every 15-20 minutes. I experienced that myself. see this screenshot below.

in this screenshot, you can see the white dots on the episode slider below each one represents an average of 180 seconds of ads every 10 minutes or so, up from 60 seconds every 15-20 minutes before Hulu introduced its subscription service. You can expect a similar result from T-Mobile. 

When T-Mobile rolls out it's subscription service, they will require you to PAY EXTRA, for the other streaming sites not on their list of 24. like YouTube, and thats whats dangerous for you, this service should be free for ALL streaming, not just the 24, that why it's bad for net neutrality and you. I for one will be saying NO to this new offer. 

T.C. Sottek, writing for the Verge, says "except it’s more difficult to stop because, as the FCC might say, there’s "no obvious consumer harm" in giving people free stuff. Of course, "free" isn’t really free, is it? This scheme is called "zero rating," and people like Susan Crawford have been warning us for a while about the risk it poses for the open internet. The only reason Binge On and Music Freedom sound like such a great pro-consumer deal is because the top four mobile ISPs — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile — have manufactured a market based completely on artificial scarcity." click verge above to read the complete article by T.C.Sottek. 

Every advocate for Net Neutrality will tell you the same thing, this is bad for you and for net neutrality. There is enough bandwidth to give everyone free unlimited streaming service, but these Carriers don't just want to charge, they intend to over-charge you and over-price these services for the express purpose of removing money from the bottom and moving up to the top 1%. So say no to this offer and yes to Net neutrality. Yes, that's my opinion and I'm encouraging you to say no too.  very soon your carrier will do the same thing offering a fake free streaming service, say no. Free is not always good and in with this T-mobile offer it is not good for you or for the internet. Free now means you will PAY MORE later. 

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