Friday, December 4, 2015


With Today's announcement by Porsche that they will in fact put into production their #Electric Concept car "Mission E" and with it be in direct competition with #Tesla Motors for the High-end electric car market has also signaled the #arms #race for HIGH-END #ELECTRIC #CARS, soon you will see most big automakers, GM, Toyota, Ford & Mitsubishi dusting off thier own Electric concepts and trying to decide which will eventually compete with Tesla & Porsche. However, I would recommend that they look closer at the Mid-size and Low-end markets where there will always be opportunities for all Electric cars. The success of the Toyota Prius and their line of Hybrids is certainly a clear indication that the Market is ready for mid-size and low-end Electric cars. The folks at #Porsche will undoubtedly try to beat Elon Musk but this will in fact have the opposite effect, this will in fact amplify the value and #genius of Tesla Motors! and help to drive sales of the TEsla eslectric cars. even Porsche owners will test drive the Teslas in order to determine if they like electrics, and when they decide that they do, they won't want to wait 7-8 years for the Porsche Mission E, so they will start with the a TESLA Model S. TESLA IS far ahead of Porsche and all others, in terms of Marketing, market adoption and they also have a mountain of data and metrics to support their movements forward, whihc no doubt, will position Tesla in an alwasy advantageous Position over all rivals. Soon too, based on the thinking and Ambition of Elon Musk and his team at Tesla, we can expect to see a entry into the mid-size car market. Porsche's announcement, and subsequent announcements, will help to build #GOODWILL for the Tesla brand! Mark my words folks, you heard it here first.

In terms of design, Porsche has already bowed to Tesla in terms of Interior design and functionality, the Mission E's instrument panel engenders backward thinking, it looks like the 1976 Ford Grand Torino, compared to the Futuristic look of the Tesla Model S. when most people think of an electric car, they think of future and future technology. The Tesla Model S has central control panel that's all digital about the size of 2 Mac Powerbooks and with technology to match. the Porsche on the other hand has a digital display thats smaller than most Tablets. the interior look is classic, but dated. whereas the Tesla Model S is certainly futuristic and very functional. the Model S is also built for families as well as racing enthusiasts, but it seems the Porsche is only focused on the super car racing enthusiasts to their detriment. Many questions till remain, will i t include auto-pilot fro instance. the Tesla Model S P85D boasts the best auto pilot in the world, using 4 independent systems (radar, cameras, Ultrasonic & GPS/Traffic data) that means the Tesla also steers itself and parks itself both on roads and your garage. You can even summon the Tesla to meet at your front door if it's parked elsewhere! Everything about the Tesla shows that Elon Must and his team are thinking of people first, and more importantly, providing solutions that people need or want most. and that's why Tesla will continue to be ahead of everyone else and why they will benefit from this and other announcements in the High-end Car market. Tesla has even Guaranteed the value of their cars to stay high, and have offered a truly revolutionary financing option, that allows you to own one for NO DOWN-PAYMENT and only about $500.00 per month.

Now I can't wait for the Arms Race of the low-end and mid-class variety. it's coming too! the #ElectricCar #wins, the #planetwins, #globalwarming wins.

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