Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why is helping ourselves so much harder than helping others?

Women are exceptionally good at giving, but too often the last person to receive their goodwill is themselves. However, this phenomena of giving more to others than oneself is not exclusive to women, we all do, regardless of how you identify. Too often we also reject that which is good for us and our families because of preconceived notions or just because we don't want to be bothered.
Take for instance exercise, we know its good for us but we mostly ignore opportunities to do it because we would rather do something else, or we just don't want to be bothered. However, in other instances people just don't have the information, so when presented with the relevant information they reject it. why!? Mostly because they don't want to be bothered to learn something new, even if it is helpful to them and their family, they simply will not give it a go.
I'm no psychologist, but empirical evidence has proven this to me. I recently took on the challenge of introducing a new line of green energy products to the east coast market. these products are essentially EMF eliminators. they reduce harmful electromagnetic force within your household and reduces dirty electricity too. More than that, by doing so they also reduce your electric bill, in New York City, by an average of 39%, that's a significant savings. another benefit is that you get the 30% federal tax credit for going green by installing these EMF eliminators. all great benefits: protecting your family and saving money and contributing to the green economy and helping the planet by reducing your own carbon footprint. Reading this many of you might think its too good to be true, but I can actually prove it using a standardized test, right within your own home. The test shows you how it works and how much you will save.
This Power Perfect Box (PPB) is an EMF eliminator that reduces your electric bill by as much as 39% when installed into your Panel box. It also protects your family from harmful EMF radiation.

But here is the rub, 74% of homeowners are rejecting the premise altogether, while only 1.5% take real action. My team and I have learned this from being on the road day after day pitching our line of products directly to homeowners. So why are so many people rejecting something that is so beneficial to them and their family? the experts point to fear of change, coercion sensitivity, over-exposure, previous disappointments, under-valuing the rewards, disbelieving your own eyes, even fear of success! We have seen all of these play out in the field. Yet if I ask these very same people to donate to a charity, they will gladly hand over their credit card. whilst these products are not free, many people would give it a go if it was free, so paying for these benefits is also a big reason why people are not helping themselves in this case.
this video (, also below) will get your blood boiling, since its the first time you're hearing about this 100 year old problem. contact me directly for the solutions.

Hopefully, now that you are aware of the problem, you'll be motivated to pay for the benefits, but really you'll be saving FOREVER, so the value far outweighs the cost. please help me to help you!.

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