Monday, April 10, 2017


Back in December I posited that Porsche, the luxury brand was helping Tesla Motors by joining the race for the luxury electric sports car niche. Porsche back then said it was out to challenge Tesla, however Tesla is so far ahead of all the car manufacturers that they will continue to see cost and market advantages the others couldn't even buy. one such advantage is the Gigafactory, the largest building in the world which will make all the batteries Tesla would need for the foreseeable future.

Today Tesla (trading as TSLA) just became the most valuable car company in america. but to say that Tesla is a car company is to say that you don't understand what Tesla is or what Tesla has done. first of all Tesla is a technology company and treated as such by most of the pundits on wall street, and while is still has a long way to go, in terms of market cap, to catch the big tech companies like Apple and Alphabet (Google's parent company), Tesla is also known as a really good company and that plays very well in the consumer market.

Another seemingly unspoken, by analysts at least, advantage of Tesla is that they have adopted the Triple bottom line (or TBL or 3BL) approach to governing, i.e PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROFITS, and CEO, Elon Musk talks about that all the time, he also encourages other businesses to adopt this approach to governing. this has built more goodwill for Tesla than it has for any other company in America. Saving the planet from global warming affects has been one of his stated objectives of life. and he is living the dream, when he started Tesla he said he wanted to transform america and see only clean all electric vehicles on the road, well millions believe him and they are buying Tesla cars, in such hugely unexpected amounts that all the other car makers are now playing catch-up to try and capitalize on the market popularity of all electric cars that Tesla created. 

Nowadays, Elon Musk is talking about building another Gigafactory, somewhere else in the world, so that they can also build all electric cars for the rest of the planet, as well as supply some of his competitors. Let me also reiterate, Tesla also has considerable technology advantages over the likes of Porsche and General Motors, having decided to do it the right way from the get go, like deciding to make the cars beautiful looking, unlike previous attempts by General Motors and others, this technology advantage positions Tesla to respond more quickly to market demands and Technology changes and advances moving forward. They lead in all electric car technology, in self-driving technology, in battery technology and in national deployment of charging stations, installing them nationwide in a smart grid and they even allow other manufacturers to use their charging station, this, in a deliberate attempt to speed up the adoption of all electric cars nationwide, a policy which relates directly to the PLANET in Elon Musk's triple bottom line approach. Sharing technology is one way to put the planet first, and Tesla understands that too well. Does the other manufacturers? they haven't shown it through policies like this. So again, it puts them at a disadvantage. 

Tesla cars also offer the option of Self-driving technology, which in itself has many advantages, like having the car meet you on your doorstep in cold weather, whether it is parked in your garage or the street, you can program the car to meet you, since both the car and the keys are WiFi capable and the on-board technology is easily programmable. Now, how cool is that, the future is here. And this is not a sci-Fi movie or TV show, this is the reality that Tesla has created. whilst I'm not an official evangelist for Tesla, I encourage you to buy an all electric vehicle, if for no other reason than to save the planet. 


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