Monday, May 2, 2016


This week there's been a lot of talk about what it means when someone says "i'm a little gay", so here's what it means.

The discussion was prompted by remarks of one James Franco, rennaissance man, actor, artist and so much more. when he said in an interview with New York Magazine, "I'm a little gay", most of the folks who commented on this seem to be at a loss to it's meaning, including one gay organization in Brooklyn. Any gay boy who faced a deep sense of teenage angst about their sexuality can tell you what it means, all then have asked this question, "am I gay or just a little gay", and through their own rumination have gained a definition for it that satisfies their own need at point or another.

For the purposes of generality the definition of "I'm a little gay" is as follows: representing a feeling that oneself, though never having a gay experience, has thought about it, and believes that it is in fact ok to be gay and feels comfortable in gay situations. And further, such feelings include supporting gay rights in every sense that it can be supported. As well as, having a real affinity for the gay lifestyle.

To be clear this is not a discussion about James #Franco or the debate thats currently lighting up #Socialmedia, this is just a post about the definition of what it means when someone, anyone, says "I'm a little gay", Its not a #gender category, its a feeling, a sense of self, a mere part of one's identity. not the defintion of one's identity. Its surely another phrase that will light up the politicians and some will certianly attack the phrase when ever an aid suggests it will gain traction in #cyberspace.

For those of you, young or old, who is grappling with gender and identity issues, let this be just another guide to your thinking. use it or lose it, ITS ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE! for the rest of you, learn it and understand it, if you don't get it, ask me questions. Disclaimer: This is Not pscycosocial advice. it is not meant to be provide health care of any kind, but rather, to lead your thinking in this one issue regarding a very complex discussion about identities.

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