Saturday, June 4, 2016

On Legacy and great exemplary #courage: Muhammed Ali #muhammedAli

The greatest #MuhammadAli has left us a #Legacy of REAL COURAGE, showing #courage when it mattered most and for the benefit of all. To Echo the Obama's "He showed courage when others wouldn't, he stood up for his beliefs"

We are all better off for his being here and for him being himself. He is indeed the greatest example of a #Hero for our children to emulate, regardless of where in the world you are from.

Mr. Ali IS a hero of mine and lived a life I aspire to, in courage, conviction and leadership. Regardless of the consequences, he stood up and spoke out, even to his own detriment, if that is not courage, I don't know what is. During his opposition to the vietnam war, he expected to be executed for his stance, yet he did it, remember, in the 1960s assisination was commonplace, JFK and Martin Luther KIng Jr both fell to assassins plus the US armed forces could have court marshalled him and sentenced him to a firing squad, yet, just like my other hero, Nelson Mandela, He did it anyway. he stood up and spoke out. and famously said "what did those vietcong ever did to me? NO vietcong ever called me #nigga, why should I go over there to fight them." around the same time George W. #Bush was draft dodging, also not wanting to go to vietnam, but for very different reasons, not courageous at all in my opionion.

Would you be willing to put your life on the line for your beliefs? think about that a moment, and now you really begin to see the measure of Muhammed Ali. We all hear horror stories of the way black people was treated in this country, for hundreds of years, right into the 1960s, this aplifies the nature of his stance.

But to be clear, he was #courageous his entire life, it takes courage to aska police officer to train you, at 10 years old anyway, he was courageous when he represented the #USA and won #Gold at the #Olympics, he was courageous and some say outrageous when he decided the fight the toughest heavy weights in the world, from #Frazier to #Forman. He was courageous everytime he lost and came back to win. He spoke like a hero and he fought like alike Hero his whole life, in every arena.

We now must create comics books and videos, and more movies and classroom lessons for our kids about this, the greatest hero of all, a most exemplary of men, Mohammed Ali. #Profet Mohammad himself, on whom be peace, is looking down and and marveling at the chance to finally meet his namesake. A hero for all a Hero for all time.

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